Nino de los Reyes received his early artistic training under his parents, dancers Ramon de los Reyes and Clara Ramona. He began his training at the Centro de Arte Flamenco Amor de Dios in Madrid with masters of the calibre of Josele Heredia, María Magdalena, Manolete, Alejandro Granados y Antonio Reyes, among others. He completed this training at the Mariemma Professional Royal Conservatory of dance.

At the same time Nino began his training in classical dance with Carmina Ocaña and Nadine Boisaubert and deepened his knowledge of ballet at the prestigious Boston Ballet.

His professional career started under director Paco Sánchez in the show Campanas Flamencas.

Nino has formed part of Eduardo Serrano’s EL GÜITO company with Carmen Cortés, Javier Barón and Tito Losada among others.

He has featured as guest artist at concerts by Pepe Habichuela, Josemi Carmona, Guadiana, Paquete, Jerónimo, Miguel el Rubio, Jesús del Rosario, Camaron de pitita and Ramon el portugués.

Nino has taken part in shows of great quality and international Recognition such as Paco Suárez’ Romancero Gitano, Tony Gatlif’s Vertiges and La Celestina by Gerardo Vera.

In recent years he formed part of the group of artists accompanying master Enrique Morente at his concerts.

More recently he has taken part in important musical events such as the 4 th Berklee Middle Eastern Festival: Flamenco Today and at the Heineken Jazz Festival in Puerto Rico together with producer Javier Limón, cantaores Pepe de Lucía and Genara Cortés and percussionist Sergio Martínez.

Despite his youth, Nino de los Reyes has already staged three of his own shows:

Flamenco Esencia, launched in Spain, Greece and Japan, “Hombres Flamencos with his brother Isaac de los Reyes and Alfonso Losa which was presented at the Boston Ciclorama in the United States and “Origen, which was presented in the Chateauvallon Flamenco Festival in France and the Festival Suma Flamenca in 2010 in Madrid.

For this show, Nino received the Primer Premio award for solo choreography and the prize for the promising young talent at the 2010 Madrid Contest for Spanish and Flamenco dance in Madrid.

During all this time, Nino has been teaching flamenco at the main dance schools of the world: Alburquerque (World institute of Flamenco), Guadalajara, Hong Kong, Boston and Madrid.

In 2013, he has taken part of Alfonso Losa’s show “Tendencias” launched at Teatro Canal of Madrid and collaborates with the great flamenco singer Montse Cortés on her show “Flamencas en la sombra”

During his stay in USA has participated on the new álbum of the famous singer Paul Simon.

In 2014 Nino takes part on the Project “Huellas Flamencas” with Jesús Carmona , the show is presented at the city of Guadalajara (México) sponsored by the school “Los Cabales”

He is also a member of the show “En Cante a dos” with Montse Cortés and Yasmin Levy launched at Teatro Español of Madrid.

Recently Nino has mede a coreographic residency at “Center for the art” of Boston with Peter Di Muro and Elver Yariza. He also takes part of the show “Bodas de sangre” at Notre Dame Univerity of USA under direction of Antón Juan.

June 2014, he is guest artist at Madrid’s Contest for Spanish and Flamenco Dance.